The New York Jets have a tall task in front of them once next Sunday is done with. Here’s a plan that includes free agent Mike Glennon.

Here we are, yet again. Despite lofty expectations coming into the 2016 NFL campaign, the New York Jets are now down in the doldrums of the league’s basement.

They’ve reached this point of no return, again, as many teams do every few seasons.

It’s time for an all-out rebuild. 

The last time the Jets were in the all-out rebuild situation is tough to pinpoint. When John Idzik hit the bricks, Mike Maccagnan came in and instituted his “aggressive rebuild” that featured $50 million in cap space that signed numerous veteran players.

All it did was mask the problem at hand. It solved nothing.

The 10-6 mark a season ago was a mirage, a pretty little picture the drunken delusional soaked in. The cupcake schedule made it happen.

Now, after a 5-11 or 4-12 season (depending on what happens against Rex Ryan next Sunday), the aggressive style will give way to the real rebuild.

Here’s the New York Jets rebuilding plan moving forward:


  1. I really enjoyed reading this, it’s a sound plan. Nobody is going to completely agree with everything, but for the most part this makes sense. The Jets will be battling with 31 other teams when it comes to Free Agency. I like the idea of trying to acquire Glennon & Gilmour as it fills imediatte needs with young FA’s. The Jets will also want to keep OLG B. Winters, finishing the season on IR just may help that cause? NFL scouting is every bit as important as NCAA. This team is not a player or two away so attracting talented players and not losing any will be a difficult task.

    The team will have to rid itself of the aging vets who are overpaid. Mac didn’t structure contracts in a way which marries the Jets to any of these problems. I’m thinking CP will return at SS, and agree with the other departures. The Patriots have been able to do all of the above hence the long term success.

    The Jets train wreck of a season that started off with promise will end with the team drafting early. Like yourself I hope to see the Jets trade back a few spaces and repeat. This is easier said than done. This draft has plenty of talented DB’s but the OT position has but a few players who currently look to be mid to late 1st rounders. One you failed to mention is the OT from Wisconsin. A lot will change between now and then but a priority lies with building an O-Line. Where is B. Callahan when you need him?

    After watching T. Bowles and his coaching staff in year #2, I became convinced the Jets have one of the worst coaching staffs in the NFL. When you lose control of your locker room there is no hope. While T. Bowles is a nice guy that’s not what this team needs. It’s time to find an Offensive mind at HC, this is crucial when your rebuilding an O-Line and developing a QB. There are many qualified candidates available, we all would benefit by Woody getting the ambassador to the U.K. post. It would allow someone else to take over the day to day operations of our beloved team. A GM should be able to select his own HC. To borrow an analogy from The Big Tuna, otherwise your groceries will spoil or fail to be properly cooked.