Expectations for New York Jets starter Bryce Petty
Dec 17, 2016; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets quarterback Bryce Petty (9) throws a pass during warm ups before a game against the Miami Dolphins at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

After back to back starts it’s Bryce Petty‘s first real test as the New York Jets prepare to take on the New England Patriots.

The New York Jets are in a clear transition mode, as they’re seeing what they have from second year QB Bryce Petty. It hasn’t been easy for Petty this year, he got beat up in the Jets loss to the Miami Dolphins.

He even had to exit the game after taking a huge hit, but he will be good to go on Saturday against the Patriots.

Petty is essentially having a tryout for the remainder of the season. He’s trying to prove that he can be the guy for 2017. So far, he hasn’t proven it yet.

Granted there’s been flashes but here’s what has to happen for Petty to prove himself, starting this Saturday.

Cut Down On Turnovers

The problem at the Jets QB position for years has been turnovers. That’s why I suggested Tyrod Taylor as an option for the Jets in 2017 to at least compete with the Jets young guns.

Petty’s appeared in five games this year and has started three, during that span he’s got three passing touchdowns six interceptions and a completion percentage under 60 percent.

Here’s why Petty has turnover problems:

Petty locked into his target and did not look off. He was surprisingly unable to see Cameron Wake standing right in the throwing lane.

What I want to see differently is Petty to go through his progressions and show signs of reading the defense that would begin the proving process.

This is Petty’s second interception. In this case he can’t just loft the ball up for Robby Anderson.

I, like Petty, love when the Jets try to get Robby Anderson involved, but he can’t get so locked into throwing to the same guy. Again, instead learning to go through progressions and learning to read the defense is key.

If Petty can go out on Saturday and not turn the ball over against a very good New England team, I would be impressed.

Develop A Mental Clock

Bryce Petty has taken 11 sacks this year, 10 of those coming in his three starts. Granted, the Jets poor offensive line is a part of the reason for him taking all these sacks but he has to learn to get rid of the ball quicker.


Like this one, it’s not Petty’s fault. The offensive line had a clear mishap and left him out to dry. The game that stood out was against the 49ers. In that game alone Petty was sacked six times.

Maybe half of them were the offensive line’s fault, but the other half was a result of indecisiveness in the pocket which Petty has shown.

Build Off of Strong Arm

Petty has a very strong arm, that’s no secret. I just want to see Petty build off of it.

This is a nice throw to find Robby Anderson over the middle of the field. We want to see more throws like this and less one step, loft it up for grabs on the sideline.

The arm strength is on display, he just has to take the next step mentally. It won’t be easy going up against a good team like the Patriots. It’s his first big task as a starter.

Petty needs to play well the next two games in order for me to have faith in him for 2017. There have been some good signs, but I just want to be shown a little more stability before I put my eggs in the Bryce Petty basket for 2017.

These steps would be a nice stepping stone towards that goal.

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