1. Odell Beckham Jr.

Position: Wide Receiver
College: LSU
Overall Pick: 12
Year Drafted: 2014

Odell Beckham Jr. is putting up numbers that would have justified his selection as a number one overall pick. He’s been that damn good.

It’s difficult to sum up Beckham’s career, since I spend at least a paragraph in every Giants article I write fawning over how good this kid is. Why shouldn’t I?

He’s easily a top three receiver in the NFL. He is, quite literally, the Giants offense. His big play ability and the excitement he brings in the open field is second to none. His ability to casually make one handed catches, diving grabs, and his tendency to turn 10 yard slants into 60 yard touchdowns make him one of the premier weapons in the NFL.

It was always going to take a big personality with immense talent to take Eli Manning’s place as the face of the franchise. In less than three seasons, Beckham has done that, and more. He is on pace to be the face of the entire NFL, let alone the Giants, and might go down with Lawrence Taylor, Phil Simms, and Eli Manning as a Giants legend.

Sure, he might be a headcase, but Giants fans that complain about his antics should step back and wonder where on Earth this franchise would be without #13.

The answer, most definitely, is not 10-4 and fighting for a playoff berth.

Odell has reinvigorated this franchise and the NFL in less than three years, and he is hands down, by far, with ease, the best first round selection the Giants have made in the past decade. Heck, he’s up their with the best ever, as far as I’m concerned. What a player.

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