The New York Jets have had an awful 2016 season, but with the holidays upon us, hope is soon around the corner. Leonard Fournette, perhaps?

The New York Jets (4-10) are more likely than not, going to end up with a top-five pick. Current NFL standings have the Jets with the fifth overall pick.

Here’s the current status of the Jets and what has to happen for them to rise or fall according to Chase Goodbread, NFL Media Analyst:

“The Jets can get no higher than the No. 3 pick, but it’s highly unlikely that they’ll climb that high. For that to happen, the Jets would have to lose out, the Jaguars would have to win out, the Bears would have to win at least one more game, and the Jets’ SOS rating would have to stay lower than both of those teams’. With an SOS rating of .492, the Jets are in a good position to win a tiebreaker if it comes to that.”

The front office likes going best player available with their draft strategy, which works out perfectly, considering all the holes the Jets have on the roster.

So, what does the Jets wish list actually look like? Let’s delve in:

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