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New York Jets and Miami Dolphins fans engage in pathetic parking lot fight (Video)

Following a brutal loss by the New York Jets on Saturday night against the Miami Dolphins, a pathetic fight erupted between the two fanbases in the parking lot.

On Saturday night, the New York Jets faced their division rival Miami Dolphins in a bout that ended with Miami winning by over 20 points. Due to the devastating loss, it seems as one Jets fan felt like being a little rowdy in the parking lot after the game.

Well, while rowdy may be an appropriate term, “fight” could be deceiving. This one came via the pathetic variety. There were no Conor McGregors in East Rutherford this weekend.

From the looks of it, the Jets fan was antagonizing the Dolphins fans, which would then lead to them taking him down two-to-one. And like most fights, there was someone who pulled out their phone to record it.

These two fanbases have been at it with each other for years despite them not being too successful, but it does seem as if Miami could make the playoffs this year with New York looking in from the outside.

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