The New York Jets are approaching an inevitable purge on their roster. So what long-time vets are going to see their ties severed?

The team that is currently playing on the field and the New York Jets that’ll come running out of the gates next September are going to look very different. Particularly, when it comes to the longest tenured Jets on the team.

Entering this season, the Jets had the sixth oldest roster in the NFL according to Voice Sporting Analytics.

So, when weighing risk vs. reward, one of the biggest proponents will inevitably be money. Also, getting rid of some of the older players on the roster for a youth movement will and should happen.

While there will be a lot of roster movement, expect the core of the Jets front office and coaching staff to survive this top-10 pick season. Outside of a potential offensive coordinator change, the staff should remain essentially the same.

Here are the veterans who’ll more than likely be gone following the season:

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