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New York Giants’ Brad Wing shows off braces, gets on refs

Despite the fact that the New York Giants walked off the field with a victory, punter Brad Wing still had some questionable thoughts.

The New York Giants outlasted the Chicago Bears on Sunday afternoon during Week 11 of the NFL season, but the victory just wasn’t enough for punter Brad Wing. He came out and took to Twitter following the game to vent his strange frustrations:


Sure, it’s not uncommon to see athletes vent their frustrations on social media after a game if they felt they were treated unfairly but that is surely not the case here.

Sunday afternoon’s game was not lopsided towards either team, leaving many wondering what Wing is referring to when he claims that they “beat the refs.”

There was one play that was questionable where Wing was hit on the leg in the act of punting but it was an obvious flop attempt by Wing which could have resulted in a fine if he played in the NBA.

The tweet was later deleted by Wing, leaving social media with only a screenshot of the remains to admire and question his sanity for the time being.

Who knows what the frustrations could be about. Maybe he couldn’t focus right due to receiving his new mouth accessory, braces:

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