New York Jets seem destined for Tony Romo in 2017
Aug 21, 2016; Frisco, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) prior to the first practice at The Star. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Quarterback always seems to be a hot topic for the New York Jets, as they could be destined for Tony Romo in 2017.

The drama that surrounds the New York Jets at all times can be looked at as a blessing or a curse depending on perspective. Sure, they’re usually not very good, but at least there are interesting story lines, right?

The way Woody Johnson handles his team makes you believe that he is willing to bring Tony Romo to New York in 2017.

Johnson is running a business and he wants to put people in the seats. Does a Bryce Petty or Christian Hackenberg run team bring people to the stadium? Nope, but Tony Romo definitely will.

For those who discount the notion of Romo coming to New York next year is completely naïve, as we saw a very similar situation unfold in 2008. The Jets had a chance to land Brett Favre, then-coach Eric Mangini wanted no part of Favre.

Welp, Johnson got Brett Favre in here and we all know how that ended.

Romo is a proven QB when healthy, and a quick look at his career statistics back that up. The issue is health and age.

He’s 36 years old and in the past two years he’s played four games. Durability is the greatest concern when it comes to Romo.

Additionally, the Jets would have to trade for him, giving up something big and they most definitely will have to free up cap space in order to make this work so a big name player will most likely have to go.

Is it worth risking all of that just for (at best) a few good seasons? That’s if Romo can stay healthy. In all likelihood, the Jets would bring Romo in and he’d be injured by week 2.

Step one of finding the QB is playing both Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg at some point this season. Hack most likely isn’t ready but at least you know what you’re working with for 2017.

Then you re-asses from there. Ultimately, knowing how Woody Johnson operates it seems likely that he at the very least attempts to get Romo in here. If he does, it could be a disastrous mistake.

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