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New York Jets’ Eric Decker Buys Homeless Veteran Dinner

The New York Jets have had a season of failures but an off the field act makes us realize how there’s more to life than sports.

Eric Decker has not played since Week 3 when the New York Jets lost an ugly game to the Kansas City Chiefs. His presence on the field has certainly impacted this Jets offense.

He actually just had his second surgery just two days ago but he was in the news again for a different reason.

Decker was with his wife Jessie James Decker as a homeless man approached them. He told the two of them how hungry he was and how he was a veteran from New York. In response, Decker bought the man some dinner.

Jessie proudly posted a picture of her husband buying the man some food. Honestly, stories like this helps ease the pain of a terrible season. There’s so many more important things out there than sports and stories like this that break the fourth wall and show the human aspect of athletes are really refreshing to hear.

It was awesome of Eric to go out of his way for this guy and clearly the man was extremely happy. The homeless man probably didn’t realize that an NFL athlete was buying him dinner he was probably just thankful he had a warm meal.

Little acts of kindness can go a long way.

H/T Instagram, JessieJamesDecker

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