With the New York Jets currently playing with a 2-5 record, most have written them off. This, though, is the NFL, a place anything can happen.

Imagine Woody Johnson woke up one morning and held one wacky contest after sipping his finest Columbian coffee. Imagine this contest, as whacky as it may be, awarded ownership rights of the New York Jets to his absolute favorite fan.

While the idea itself is beyond comprehension, the word “wacky” and the name “Woody” have one meaningful relationship. So, we have the right to continue. 

The brand-spanking new owner of the Jets would hold a press conference naming Bryce Petty the starting quarterback of the squad. He’d explain that Petty is the future and that Christian Hackenberg would be on deck. He’d drone on about the future being now since Todd Bowles‘ current 1-5 squad having no shot at the NFL Playoffs in 2016.

Thank the football gods not even Woody Johnson can get that wacky.

If he did, the feel-good comeback story that is the 2016 New York Jets would have never happened.

Players, coaches, and quite honestly, everybody involved with the organization, don’t think like fans do. They don’t give up on a season when things go wrong. Should six-game slate go horribly wrong — like, say, a result of 1-5 in the standings — football people won’t pack it in and go home.

The only thing they can do is take one day, one practice, one week at a time. They allow themselves to continually have a purpose every time they travel in to work.

That’s what Bowles and the Jets are doing as we speak. He’s put forth his gameplan to defeat the Browns in Cleveland this Sunday. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Brandon Marshall, and Darrelle Revis are all on board. These guys are professionals in the league that plays for pay.

If they started thinking about giving up, they wouldn’t be pros.

Here are several reasons why these New York Jets still have a very legitimate shot at the 2016 tournament:

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