New York Giants Need To Cut Josh Brown Immediately
Vincent Carchietta, USATSI

With what has now been confirmed regarding Josh Brown and his domestic violence charges, the New York Giants have a decision to make.

What Is Known

It has been months since New York Giants fans were made aware of Josh Brown‘s domestic violence allegations.

Initially, Brown received a one-game suspension for “violating the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy.” It was unclear what exactly Brown had done to receive the one-game suspension. However, as time went on, rumors started to brew regarding possible domestic violence charges.

After it was confirmed that the suspension was in response to a domestic violence case, an investigation involving Brown and his wife was launched, and that was just about all we knew.

That was, until Wednesday.

It has now been confirmed that Brown committed multiple violent acts against his ex-wife. In an email that Brown sent to friends, Brown admitted that he “became an abuser and hurt [his ex-wife] physically, emotionally and verbally.”

In a journal that belonged to Brown, Brown wrote, “I have abused my wife.”

It was also seen in his journal that Brown was molested at the age of 6, something that was not known until the revealing of these journal entries.

The Incidents

According to New York Daily News, there are images that Brown’s ex-wife gave to police during the investigation. One of these images shows a broken mirror that Molly, Brown’s ex-wife, says Brown shoved her into before throwing her on the floor and jumping on her.

There is another photo that shows a damaged bathroom door which Molly says Brown kicked after getting involved in an argument with their son.

Finally, an image shows bruises to Molly’s leg which she claims were from Brown kicking a chair into her.

These are just three of the twenty-plus violent acts Molly claims Brown committed against her.

The most interesting part of the police report, at least for NFL fans, is that Molly says she did not cooperate with the NFL because she felt “that the NFL would only be looking to bury this whole incident and protect Josh.”

What The Giants Need To Do

A few months ago, the Giants were dealing with a tricky situation. Not much was known other than that there were accusations against Brown.

A few months later, it is almost certain that Brown committed multiple acts of physical violence against his ex-wife.

The Giants are known to be a “classy” organization. Well, John Mara, now is your time to demonstrate the classiness of your team.

It would be unacceptable to keep Brown under these circumstances.

From a football standpoint, Brown is one of the best kickers in the NFL. He was tied for the highest percentage of field goals made among NFL kickers. Not that it really matters, but it’s not just like the Giants are just cutting a kicker. They are cutting an elite kicker who made the Pro Bowl last season.

But like I said, that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that it is clear that Brown admitted to abusing his ex-wife through emails and journals. The Giants need to cut Brown immediately.

The NFL is known for struggling with domestic violence cases. However, it would unfathomable for Brown to not receive an indefinite suspension from the NFL.

Thus, it would a wise move for the Giants to cut Brown before the NFL can do anything at all. The organization needs to send a message that they do not condone domestic violence in any way, shape, or form.

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