Daniel Bryan Leads New York Islanders Fans In Win

Former WWE superstar and New York Islanders mega fan, Daniel Bryan, led the cheers at the Barclays Center on Sunday night.

On Sunday night at the Barclays Center, the New York Islanders fought tooth and nail for a 3-2 overtime victory that had the crowd surge into a chorus of Yes! Yes! Yes! In attendance to lead the crowd was none other than the creator of the chant, Daniel Bryan himself.

Daniel Bryan and The “Yes!” Chant

After a couple years of popularity the “Yes!” chant has become an integral part of the Islanders celebration. After initially being introduced by section 329 of Nassau Coliseum at the end of the 2012-13 season, the chant gained traction and grew in full by the 2014-15 campaign.

The Islanders invited Bryan, the retired WWE World Heavyweight champion to lead the crowd with his iconic chant, and he had a great time doing it. After each goal, and during the intermissions he was chanting with fans, Sparky and Shannon Hogan.

Having Daniel Bryan there helped energize the crowd and keep the Islanders legs fresh. Feel free to stop by again Daniel!