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3. Lack Of Edge Presence

After the Jets Week 2 triumph over Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills, we raved about Todd Bowles‘s unique front four featuring Muhammad Wilkerson, Sheldon Richardson, Leonard Williams, and Steve McLendon.

After Week 4 has ended, there will be no such raving.

Despite the talent of the front four, the scheme is simply not working. The lack of an edge presence is a killer. It’s one thing to have Big Mo out there, but to have both he and Sheldon manning the outside is too much beef and not enough speed.

Where was the pressure against a one-legged Russell Wilson? The man was playing with a sprained knee and a bum ankle and torched New York for over 300 yards and two scores. He was sacked twice on the day (L.Williams, Buster Skrine).

On a few plays, Richardson got a step on the tackle but couldn’t maintain a close enough angle on Wilson to contain him. He’s not nimble enough to play the edge. On the other side, Big Mo is much more effective out-quicking an offensive guard rather than out powering an offensive tackle.

Something needs to be done about this starting in Week 5. If that means moving back to a 3-4 with one of the beasts always having to be on the sideline, so be it.