New York Jets: Did Geno Smith Shade Ryan Fitzpatrick? 2

New York Jets backup QB Geno Smith sent a subtle shot at starter Ryan Fitzpatrick on Instagram.


Ryan Fitzpatrick threw six interceptions last week at the Kansas City Chiefs, and it spread on social media like wildfire. The Chiefs caught more Fitzpatrick balls than Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker, combined. Back-up QB Geno Smith tried to get in on the fun, taking to his Instagram account to post his own meme-worthy picture.

The look on his face is accompanied by the cryptic “caption this” below.

Geno quickly backed off of the post, deleting it before taking to Twitter:

When will athletes and celebrities learn that deleting social media posts doesn’t make any difference? Once it’s out there, thousands of screen-shots are being taken in the event you do come to your senses, by which time it’s already too late.

h/t: Black Sports Online