New York Giants: Ben McAdoo & Odell Beckham Relationship Possibly Strained 2
Steve Mitchell-USATSI

New York Giants head coach Ben McAdoo’s public criticism of Odell Beckham has Big Blue reportedly “concerned.”

Another day brings more fallout from Odell Beckham Jr’s sideline outburst during the Giants 29-27 loss to the Washington Redskins.

Head coach Ben McAdoo criticized Beckham Monday for losing his cool after Eli Manning was intercepted by Redskins’ CB Quinton Dunbar. He told Dan Duggan of Beckham should tone it down.

“Emotionally on the sideline in between the series, he needs to do a better job…he needs to control his emotions better and be less of a distraction to himself and his teammates.”

– Ben mcadoo

McAdoo has found the going tough in his first year as the Giants’ leading man. We’re only less than a quarter of the way through the season.

His comments have the organization reportedly second-guessing his approach. It isn’t his first misstep, either. In August, McAdoo supported kicker Josh Brown when he was suspended by the NFL, before details of his suspension were made public.

When it was revealed Brown had been suspended for domestic violence incidents, McAdoo had to walk back his support in uncomfortable fashion. Thankfully for the Giants, the issue seems to have died down since.

The Giants need to avoid turning this situation into an ongoing story. McAdoo would be wise to avoid these situations this early in his tenure while he establishes himself. His public statement fueled a fire that can and has ignited pretty quickly. Beckham Jr. is a polarizing figure who is guaranteed to make headlines.

He’s the head coach of the New York Giants now, and handling media scrutiny has always come with the job.

h/t: Bleacher Report & NY Daily News