New York Giants: Lack Of Discipline Raises Questions
Robert Deutsch, USATSI

Odell Beckham is out of his mind, but he didn’t cost the New York Giants the game against the Washington Redskins.

The sky is usually some shade of blue, you’ll pay taxes, and think your fantasy team is a trade away from greatness. Odell Beckham Jr. is emotional. These are facts.

Not Carl Thomas, R&B emotional, but maniacal, win at-all-costs crazy. He got the best of Redskins cornerback Josh Norman in the NFL’s most hyped Week 3 match-up, but the Giants lost the game 29-27. And Beckham lost it on the sidelines, as he tends to.

That’s understandable. He didn’t pick a (losing) fight against a kicking net because of anything Norman did. In fact, he wore Norman out most of the afternoon. Eli Manning’s goal-line interception drew the polarizing WR’s ire. And it should’ve.

Beckham is the type of personality the Giants haven’t seen since Lawrence Taylor. He’s a bonafide star with the lifestyle and on-field production to match. He also makes as many headlines off the field as he does on it, something the organization has historically taken pains to avoid.

However, he wants to win. And he has the skills to push Big Blue over the top. Late in the fourth-quarter, fuming about his lack of opportunities, OBJ got going. Eli Manning started to throw the ball his way and he schooled Norman every time. MetLife came alive as Beckham tried to will the Giants to a victory.

It was short-lived. After riding Beckham down the field, Manning threw an off-target jump ball…to Will Tye. The pass was, of course, intercepted.

To his credit, Tye took the blame. He told Dan Duggan of, “when the ball is in the air, you have to go get it…No matter what…That’s on me, definitely.”

The “what” he’s speaking of is the ball going to the outside shoulder of the defender next to him. He shouldn’t have been in that position. If you want to win, get the ball to your playmakers. Victor Cruz and Sterling Shepard are out there as well.

Manning has a well-earned reputation as a high-stakes comeback QB. Two Lombardi trophies are the ultimate testament. But Eli’s mistakes, along with a tiring defense, are what allowed the ‘Skins to steal a game the Giants had no business losing.

Beckham’s sideline outburst is what happens when passion meets frustration. He has to be better to avoid future suspensions, sure. His actions led to him and a net going viral on social media, but they didn’t lead to a Giants’ loss.