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Reddit GIF Perfectly Sums Up How New York Giants Fans Are Feeling

Week 2 (2016) vs. Saints

With the New York Giants remaining undefeated through the first two weeks of the NFL season, Big Blue fans have cause for celebration.

For a fanbase that had grown entirely accustomed to getting their hearts broken last season, this year’s 2-0 New York Giants squad brings cause for celebration.

Of course, a lot can change over the course of New York’s next 14 games, but the Big Blue faithful has waited a long time for some sort of redemption. A GIF posted on Reddit by user kicker36 featuring the key members of the Giants’ aerial attack, sums up the excitement perfectly (above).

The quartet is dancing in a nightclub atmosphere, underneath a shining 2-0 sign. On the far left is quarterback Eli Manning dancing in his banana costume from his DirectTV ad. Meanwhile, receivers Victor Cruz, Sterling Shepard, and Odell Beckham Jr. perform their touchdown celebrations.

For just two games into the season, it could be deemed a bit much. Although with the two wins coming in such dramatic fashion, the enthusiasm is not completely unfounded.

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