Rutgers AD Patrick Hobbs Pounds A Beer At Tailgate Party (Video)

Rutgers athletic director Patrick Hobbs made sure to do his best Stone Cold Steve Austin impression at a school-sponsored tailgate party.

“Throw me a damn beer.”

These are the words uttered by the famous Stone Cold Steve Austin on a number of occasions on Monday Night Raw, Thursday night Smackdown, and various Pay Per View events.

The man was, simply put, a poet in action.

Speaking of a poet who slams down alcohol, we introduce Patrick Hobbs.

Hobbs, the athletic director of Rutgers, did his best Stone Cold impression by slamming down a beer this past weekend at a school-sponsored tailgate party.

As far as the actual football game was concerned, Hobbs’s team defeated New Mexico in Jersey by the final of 37-28.

We wonder if Hobbs indulged during the game as well. I mean, let’s be real: Rutgers football isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing team in the nation. Hobbs, listen: we wouldn’t be mad if you pounded 10 beers.

H/T YouTube, New Brunswick Today