The Odell Beckham Jr.-Sterling Shepard Handshake Is Next Level Stuff (Video)


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When it comes to the New York Giants, nobody is more flashy than Odell Beckham Jr. When it comes to a duo, Sterling Shepard fits right in.

Dancing, outlandish celebrations, even posting on social media like it’s going out of style; this is the life of New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. 

Now, in 2016, OBJ has a running mate. And no, we’re not talking about veteran Victor Cruz who made up for Beckham’s crucial drop on Sunday during the late stages of the Giants 16-13 win against the New Orleans Saints.

We’re talking about the rook, Sterling Shepard.

Check out the video above. OBJ and Shep performed one of the most impressive handshakes of all time.

Not only is it a handshake, it’s a complete groove session. These two are in sync for Eli Manning even prior to the games.

H/T Instagram, sterl_shep3