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New York Jets: This TNF Intro With Joe Namath and Jim Kelly Is A Must-See

Hall of famers Joe Namath and Jim Kelly were featured in a commercial right before opening kickoff between the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills. Let’s just say you don’t want to miss it.

Just before the commencement of Thursday Night Football at New Era Stadium between the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills, CBS aired a commercial featuring legendary quarterbacks Joe Namath and Jim Kelly.

The commercial shows Kelly hunting in the woods with both of his daughters while Namath is on the golf course with his two daughters as well. Namath gives Kelly a call right as he was about to fire his bow and arrow. Namath jokes with Kelly about how he missed a putt wide right, clearly referring to Super Bowl XXV which saw Bills kicker Scott Norwood boot a potential game-winning field goal wide of the right upright.

Kelly clearly isn’t enthused by the joke and the two begin to throw jabs at each other. The jabs included, but were not limited to the Jets excruciating Week 17 loss to Buffalo last season that resulted in Gang Green missing the playoffs, and the Bills 16-year playoff drought. It got to the point where both Kelly’s and Namath’s daughters got in on the action.

Whether Kelly or Namath won the dispute doesn’t matter. What does is that this commercial was awesome. There’s nothing like a little friendly banter between two all-time greats to get pumped up before a rivalry game.

If you haven’t seen it, make sure you do.

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