Wives Of Eric Decker, AJ McCarron Take In New York Jets-Cincinnati Bengals Opener

Two rivaling opponents stood on opposite sidelines during Sunday’s New York Jets-Cincinnati Bengals opener, but their wives got acquainted upstairs.

One thing has been made clear about the lives of both Eric Decker and AJ McCarron.

They do not only win on the field, but they win off it as well. Both of their wives are, let’s say, quite the respective catches.

Decker, one of the best number two receivers in the National Football League, and McCarron, an Alabama alum and backup quarterback for the Bengals, faced off on Sunday afternoon as their wives spent some quality time together at MetLife Stadium.

Katherine Webb-McCarron, a model, which is evident through her appearance, and Jessie James Decker took in the game with their children (photo above).

This made for a truly adorable image.

The Bengals defeated the Jets 23-22, but does the outcome really matter when you go home to that?

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