New York Jets’ Quincy Enunwa Opens Scoring In 2016 (Video)

The New York Jets took their opening possession and jammed it down the throat of the Cincinnati Bengals with Quincy Enunwaa capping it.

That, folks, was entirely too easy.

Ryan Fitzpatrick and the New York Jets took their season-opening drive of 2016 and jammed it down the throat of a very talented Cincinnati Bengals defense.

It capped off in a Quincy Enunwa short TD pass (video above). The same Enunwa that we proclaim will be the Jets breakout star of the season and will actually push Eric Decker as the No. 2 target behind Brandon Marshall.

The Jets are, yet again, in position to score (red-zone).

Fitzpatrick currently has 64 yards and a TD on a very efficient 5-of-8 passing. Enunwa has already collected 12 yards and a score on two receptions.

The crowd is electric during this opening game of the 2016 NFL season.

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