New York Rangers: Traverse City Players To Watch

James Guillory, USATSI
James Guillory, USATSI

The New York Rangers announced their Traverse City rosters on Monday. There are a few players on the roster who hope to make a big splash.

The New York Rangers always bring hockey back a little early when they play in the Traverse City Tournament.

On Monday, August 29, the Blueshirts announced who they will be sending to Michigan for the Traverse City tournament on September 16.

Of the 25 who made the team, there are a few who stand out far above the rest.

Perhaps it is newcomer Jimmy Vesey who just signed with the Rangers not too long ago. Or maybe it is Pavel Buchnevich whose arrival in New York came as a sigh of relief for Blueshirt fans.

Here are the players to watch for the New York Rangers in the Traverse City Tournament.

*Note: Unless otherwise stated, the stats came from Elite Prospects.*

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    • i’m more concerned that they traded the wrong center. should have sent the overpaid one $tepan away. as you also know we’re paying the price for years and years of failed picks and traded picks during the sather error. gorton has his work cut out for him

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