New York Jets Will Run Even More Of A Spread Offense
Kevin Jairaj, USATSI

Thanks to a few key personnel decisions, the 2016 New York Jets will run much more of a spread offense than they ever have.

The National Football League is evolving. Teams are going with more receivers and utilizing TEs and FBs less and less. The New York Jets jumped on board with this trend when they decided to cut Jace Amaro and Tommy Bohanon.

Amaro missed all last year due to injury but in the past, he seemed to show signs of being a threat in the passing game. Many, including myself, were expecting big things from the third-year kid this year. That will, obviously, now not be the case.

Jets tight end’s caught just eight passes combined last season. That number almost seems impossible, but it looks as if that number can be a reality again this year.

The Jets offense will revolve around the two big receivers, Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker. The dynamic duo will be Ryan Fitzpatrick‘s main targets. With the addition of Matt Forte and the return of Bilal Powell, the Jets will utilize running backs in the passing game regularly.

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This is something that caught on with the team at the end of the season that seemed to really work as a safety net for Fitz. This will continue in 2016.

Last year the Jets utilized Quincy Enunwa as a TE/WR hybrid. He’s big for a WR but is small for a TE, so offensive coordinator Chan Gailey utilizes him in a unique role.

Will the lack of a TE and FB effect the Jets running game? It could, although when they want a lead blocker they could always use lesser known fullback Julian Howsare or motion Enunwa into the backfield to run into the line and create space.

It may be different than what we are used to, but that doesn’t mean that it’s bad.

This should only enhance the Jets offense. Fitz will have a plethora of options in the passing game. As a result, it will cost opposing teams defensive coordinators a lot of sleepless nights.

First and foremost, you have to contain Marshall and Decker. Then there are two solid running backs who can be utilized in both the running and passing game. There’s Enunwa who is a mismatch waiting to happen and we can’t forget the youth movement of WRs like Robby Anderson and Jalin Marshall.

For the traditionalists out there, the Jets did add two TEs on Sunday: Braeden Bowman (cut by Jacksonville) and Brian Parker (cut by Kansas City).

The likelihood of either of the two being utilized in the passing game is slim to none. There will be a lot of three or four wide receiver sets and the use of running backs in the passing game.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean the Jets will abandon the running game either. It won’t be that same ground and pound game we were used to with Chris Ivory, it will be a more quick paced and explosive offense.

Losing Amaro and Bohanon was a bit of a surprise but it makes it clear what the Jets are looking for in their offense. Speed and spread are the two names to this unique game.

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