A hot take on how the New York Jets should form their roster with Week 1 around the corner.

The New York Jets are filled to the brim with NFL-ready talent, including both veterans with experience and intriguing young talent. 

Second-year head coach Todd Bowles has a competitive core of starters at his disposal, which should keep the Jets in contention for 2016.

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But what will be interesting to see shake out are the fates of players on the “bubble.” These depth pieces – many of whom don’t suit up for games and ten of whom are signed to the practice squad – can, however, be the difference between winning and losing a game. And, as the Jets saw last season, one game could ruin a potential playoff berth.

To disclaim, this is by no means a roster projection, but rather my take on how the Jets roster should look come week one. With my opinion entirely devoid of influence, I made some bold decisions – or should I call them, “Decisions that I would make if I had the power to make them.”

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