New York Rangers: Mo Wilkerson Wants Jimmy Vesey On Broadway
William Hauser, USATSI

The New York Rangers have some great fans and New York Jets lineman Muhammad Wilkerson is one of them. He wants Vesey on Broadway.

When it comes to recruitment at this point in the New York Rangers’ off-season, every little bit counts.

But when Mo Wilkerson endorses you? That says a lot.

The Jimmy Vesey sweepstakes is starting to heat up with a plethora of teams claiming to have an inside track on the young player.

Vesey became a free agent at midnight last night but his agent said that we won’t hear much until possibly the weekend. He told the Associated Press:

“It’s certainly not going to be tomorrow. I would say the earliest may be Friday or Saturday, but I wouldn’t expect it to drag on much into the following week.”

One thing is for sure. Mo wants to see Vesey in Broadway Blue and that’s one lineman I wouldn’t want to upset.

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