Even after fully taking in that the drama of Ryan Fitzpatrick is over, New York Jets QB Geno Smith isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Dislike him if you’d like. Even hate him all you want.

It’s somewhat understandable considering his short three year history in the National Football League. The turnovers; the notorious missing of a meeting thanks to West Coast time playing the part; the $600 punch – it’s all one huge pile of evidence to point the finger and say, “Hey, go away.”

Your feelings for him won’t change reality.

Geno Smith is valuable. He’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Now that Mike Maccagnan and the New York Jets have finally put their stamp of resolution on the case that was Ryan Fitzpatrick, John Idzik’s second round pick in 2013 is suddenly bumped down the depth chart.

He’s “pissed.”

He’s “pissed,” but this Geno Smith isn’t the one who wants that headline to rule the day. And it didn’t this time because this Geno Smith seems to have matured a bit.

Since the famous punch heard around the locker room last August, Smith has done all the right things. He’s worked hard. His words haven’t been that of the bravado variety. Rather, those words have carried a quiet confidence that has inspired a handful of fans. He’s even thrown to studs such as Odell Beckham Jr., Antonio Brown and Jarvis Landry during the offseason.

He has – by all indications – worked hard.

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Respect him for that.

Respect him, sure, but don’t crown him. This is what many rational Jets fans tend to pass along to those who are infuriated with Fitzpatrick and his long squabble with New York’s front office.

At the same time, however, those who’ve never turned on Fitz need to also stay away from the deep end. They need to stay excited that their quarterback is back, yet understand just how valuable Geno Smith is for this organization.

The Jets need two “ready made” quarterbacks for the 2016. Every NFL team needs at least two guys who can jump on the field at a moment’s notice.

Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty aren’t these guys. That is, at least all indications showcase the notion that they aren’t these players.

Geno Smith isn’t going anywhere. He currently holds a very valuable, and subsequently an extremely popular position among the fanbase. The man is the backup quarterback. And let’s not forget how injury prone Ryan Fitzpatrick really is – a man whose back of the card reads very strange games played numbers that usually never match up to the magic number of 16.

Smith – currently playing out the final year of his rookie contract – is going to be a Jet unless an unforeseen signing goes down or one of the two youngsters lights up August to a scary degree.

Hate him all you want. Laugh at him all you’d like.

The idea that Geno Smith isn’t going anywhere anytime soon is a real one. He’s still an extremely valuable member of the New York Jets.

Those Jets fans who want Smith gone have now just become as foolish as those who wanted him to be crowned over Fitzpatrick in 2016.

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