Top New York Jets Storylines Heading Into Training Camp

Will Fitz Walk Through The Doors?

Ah yes, the question of the day.

Did I say day? Sorry, I meant offseason. Actually, I meant year.

To think we’re at this point in the calendar season and the New York Jets are still without their quarterback, the guy who broke the franchise record for touchdowns in a season with 31, is simply incredible.

To think Ryan Fitzpatrick is still unsigned after he led the Jets to their most prolific offensive season in history, is simply mind-boggling.

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But it’s true, and it’s true because Fitz wants NFL starting quarterback money and the Jets don’t think he can duplicate that crazy 2015.

At this point there isn’t much else to say. Some believe in Geno Smith, most don’t. Whether the Jets do or not, remains to be seen.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is the storyline as we head into the 2016 training camp of the NFL New York Jets. The quarterback is that important in today’s National Football League.

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