New York Islanders

The move to Brooklyn has not been a smooth one for the New York Islanders and their fans. Could a future move to Queens be in the cards?

It’s no secret that New York Islanders fans were generally unhappy with how the team’s move to Brooklyn panned out.

But that could change.

Bloomberg reported today that the Islanders are exploring a possible move to Queens.

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And who else to give some quality advice on a possible relocation than the New York Mets? I mean, that organization has been so responsible with their money…


The report says that the Islanders have “been in talks” with the Mets organization about possibly building a hockey arena adjacent to Citi Field.

This sounds like it would be a smart move for a team that attempted to revamp their entire identity last season, but to no avail.

That’s putting it lightly.

The Islanders attempted to change their goal horn, jerseys (a bad Brooklyn Nets look-alike), and even some of their traditions.

Not to mention that a portion of seats (about 1,500) visibly obstructed and the ice stinks.

Queens sounds pretty good right about now.

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