Brooklyn Nets Introduce New Players; Jeremy Lin Showcases New Look

New general manager Sean Marks and the Brooklyn Nets introduce their new free agent signings including the new looking Jeremy Lin.

No, it’s not the glitz and glam of the Manhattan. This team doesn’t resemble the New York Knickerbockers and their legend of a boss in Phil Jackson.

Furthermore, they didn’t even come close to acquiring the caliber of talent that team from The Garden put together this offseason.

It doesn’t matter. Rookie general manager Sean Marks did what was right for his Brooklyn Nets. He played it smart and acquired talent in an efficient matter with an eye towards the future.

On Wednesday, Brooklyn officially unveiled their shiny new additions. One of these newly acquired ballers is ex-Knick Jeremy Lin who unveiled his own brand-spanking new look today.

Here are the sights and sounds:

H/T Nets Daily

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