St. John’s Will Play Pickup Games With Hofstra This Summer

St. John’s and Hofstra have decided that they’ll get together for a some pickup games this summer.

They may be one of their biggest local rivals during a season, but according to CBS Sports, the St. John’s Red Storm will play pickup games with Hofstra every week this summer.

It’s kind of odd that two local rivals would band together during the offseason, but this seems like a terrific idea for both teams.

Not mainly to kindle their rivalry, but to improve their respective games against each other, regardless of the competition.

St. John’s and Hofstra used to play each other annually during every regular season. St. John’s formerly had the edge when they were winning more consistently, but with their struggles over the last 15 years and Hofstra’s ascension starting in the 2000s, the university from Long Island has made things more competitive, even winning several games against the longtime Queens powerhouse.

The rivalry has slowed down a bit due to them not playing each other much in recent years.

Although, the mere fact that they are in the same area, makes them rivals anytime, so this is a current great idea that they are playing friendly pickup games during this summer. Not only to put the rivalry aside for now, but to improve themselves on the court for this upcoming season.

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