The New York Jets Quarterback saga continues as Ryan Fitzpatrick‘s home in New Jersey is now up for rent. The drama continues.

Oh no!

First Brandon Marshall couldn’t reach Ryan Fitzpatrick via text message and now his New Jersey home, located in Morris County, is now available for rent, via Darryl Slater of The New York Jets have quite the QB conundrum.

Just a friendly reminder that training camp opens for the Jets next Wednesday, and it seems inevitable that the Jets will be going into training camp with Geno Smith as the presumed starting QB.

The Jets have offered Fitzpatrick a three year contract worth $24 million, $12 million in 2016. Fitz declined to sign the contract offer.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that Fitzpatrick won’t sign with the Jets. It’s possible he wasn’t comfortable renewing his lease if he was unsure he would be a Jet this year.

It just adds another chapter to this crazy story of the Jets QB situation that has been messed up since day one.

Once the Jets made the trade for Fitzpatrick the Jets GM Mike Maccagnan should have offered Fitzpatrick an extension to be the backup Quarterback.

At the time they Fitz likely would’ve signed and the Jets would currently have a QB who threw 31 TD’s last year on the cheap. Which is obviously not the case.

Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg are not ready to take over the reigns as the starting QB. Ideally Fitz is the perfect bridge to one of the two.

Although as of now the Jets are banking on Geno Smith, to take a tremendous step forward in order to keep the Jets afloat for the foreseeable future.

The only issue is the two big receivers Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall love Ryan Fitzpatrick and veteran center Nick Mangold has voiced his support for Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Potentially it could have an effect on the locker room. If Fitz doesn’t return, Geno will have to begin to prove himself to win over his teammates.

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  1. I am a die hard jets fan, always have been, but at this point I gotta say, I rather have another losing year with Geno then to be held hostage by Fitzpatrick. Maybe if Fitz ever could string two successful seasons in a row he would have a bargaining chip but lets be real, he is known for one good season followed by several cruddy ones. If he rather sit on his butt every Sunday this fall instead of making 12 million, that’s his problem. Gang Green are no strangers to losing, but I have a suspicion that Fitz is a stranger to not getting a pay check

  2. to quote snoop dogg… “if its not one thing its a mother fucking other”.. i just want this to be resolved already.. i know ur gonna think im nuts but there is a little part of me that is curious to see what geno smith does with this revised cast.. after a year of watching fitz has he seen enough to maybe improve his decision making?? its never been a question of talent, some games he’s been lethal other games you wanna strangle him. im not for overpaying fitz, so if geno ends up being our qb, then so be it… FML!!!!!!