Final Thoughts

Regardless of whether you fall on the side that supports free agent Ryan Fitzpatrick or not, the obvious fact here is true: Geno Smith does bring unique positives to the table that the older guy just can’t.

Does it mean the 25-year old would step in and seize his opportunity with the green and white the way the 33-year old did a season ago? Of course not.

Never has the National Football League been this pass happy prior. Passes are getting tossed at an obscene rate that has offenses exploding to a record level. Look no further than the Jets offense a season ago when Fitz led the squad to its greatest offensive statistical output in franchise history.

Also, look no further than north to see how a QB can dominate year after year by simply dinking and dunking his way through fantastic matchups on the field (Tom Brady). Never has arm strength meant less.

A QB’s IQ pre-snap is one of the more important aspects to Sunday these days. This is what Geno will have to overcome if he wants to force much of the Jets fanbase to forget about No. 14 in 2016.

Many believe he can do it. Many believe the presence of Brandon Marshall means just that much. Many believe Chan Gailey can turn any QB into pure gold.

With a little over a week to go before training camp begins, Geno Smith is still in the position to prove all the doubters wrong.

Will he get it done? Well, in a few weeks we’ll have a much clearer understanding if Fitz is still in street clothes clinging to his cell phone for updates from Jimmy Sexton.

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