Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets have made enough moves this offseason to prove they are headed in the right direction.

Since the day of the NBA draft, the Brooklyn Nets have been busy making moves for younger players.

What started on draft day as a move for a first round pick, sent Thaddeus Young to Indiana, while collecting the twenty-second overall pick, resulting in the selection of Caris LeVert.

That same day wound up being very busy for Brooklyn, as they would traded up for hometown guy Isaiah Whitehead.

Newly hired general manager Sean Marks showed on that night, the team would be going in a younger direction – with more moves to come.

Several days later the Nets would pick up Jeremy lin, who shows great promise himself. Lin had a nice season with the Charlotte Hornets last year, and brings power to a position the Nets struggled with the last season.

Besides Lin, the Nets have been making moves on a daily basis.

Even on days they failed to acquire the biggest stars, Marks has picked up middle of the road players like Trevor Booker, Justin Hamilton, Greivis Vasquez, and Luis Scola. Most of whom are on one-year “show me what you got” type of contracts.

The team needs to show potential free agents the team is rebuilding the right way – hopefully enticing the superstars.

As of today, the Nets have over $30 million left in cap space. But with most of the elite free agents already taken, that number will rollover to next year in the attempt at nabbing a potentially franchise-changing player.

It will all come down to what kind of improvement the team can produce this upcoming season. With many of the players being young guys, a change may not happen fast. But any change coming off of last season’s disaster is a plus.

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