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New York Rangers RFAs Arbitration Dates Revealed

Dylan McIlrath

McIlrath is one of the bright spots the Blueshirts have in their inventory. He’s young and eager to contribute.

Last season McIlrath split time between the booth upstairs and down on the ice if one of the other defenseman when Boyle, Klein, etc. were hurt or needed rest.

But the thing with No. 6 is that his potential has been not unlocked yet, as he has the chance to have a really good season next year. It could be on Broadway or in another team’s sweater.

McIlrath is not worth a significant amount of money based on only one decent year. However, he has proven worthy enough to be given an extension to stay in New York.

He only collected four points last year, had a good Corsi For% at 50.8, and was used equally in both the offensive and defensive zones. Without looking at the offensive production, one might say that McIlrath is a solid all-around player.

My only concern with this situation is that the Rangers can lose something really good with McIlrath if they don’t settle on a deal. It would be horrible to hear that McIlrath went elsewhere because of pennies and dimes.

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