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New York Rangers RFAs Arbitration Dates Revealed

Chris Kreider

Here is another good one. Kreider can be a serious threat on the ice.

He has killer speed, can deliver devastating hits (can take them too), has good offensive vision, and gets into the heads of other players.

That last point is the only complaint about Kreider some may have. No. 20 doesn’t know when to stop.

And when that happens, the Rangers get the short end of the stick with bad penalties.

What fans call a “down year” for Kreider wasn’t really that down at all, still finishing with 21 goals and 43 points in 79 games. Throw in a solid Corsi For at 49.9 with a Relative Corsi For of 3.8, and all signs point to a good 2015-16 NHL season.

Fans just thought they would be witnessing another level of Chris Kreider, and, obviously, that didn’t happen. It was a similar year to the previous one.

Similarly to McIlrath, it would be horrible to see Kreider go purely due to pennies on the dollar. Then again, if the Rangers and No. 20 are on two different ends of the spectrum, one of them has to be realistic and come down.

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