The Facebook fan voting has finally ended. Now, we finally know which three classic New York Jets games will be uploaded to NFL YouTube.

How does one decide which three games are the most classic in team history?

It’s not an easy chore.

So, naturally, the National Football League left it up to the fans. They asked all 32 fanbases to vote on which three classic games in their team’s history would be uploaded to NFL YouTube in August.

For the diehard old guys, like myself, it’s going to be a treat similar to Christmas Eve.

As it pertains to the New York Jets, their fans have spoken as well. Here are the three classic Jet games that’ll be included in the August upload:

  1. Super Bowl III, Jets vs. Baltimore Colts
  2. 2010 AFC Divisional Playoff: Jets @ New England Patriots
  3. 200 Week 8, MNF: Jets vs. Miami Dolphins

Of course the “Monday Night Miracle” would be involved.

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