During the 2016 offseason, the New York Giants filled many of their holes from the year before, but the team shouldn’t stop there.

Say what you will about general manager Jerry Reese, but on paper he manufactured a stellar offseason for the front office this year.

Sure, there are places to knit pick. Eli Apple may have been a reach, Janoris Jenkins may be overpaid, Reese should have pushed harder to sign Jerrell Freeman, and maybe he team should have offered Geoff Schwartz a pay cut before out right releasing him.

Yet, all in all Reese brought in talented players at positions of need, making this an already incredibly improved team from last year’s squad.

However, Reese shouldn’t stop adding some new players to the mix as the team moves into training camp. Championship teams (namely the 2007 and 2011 title-winning squads for Big Blue) are built on depth, something the Giants are thin at in a couple of areas.

Nobody on this list is will be the difference maker between New York being in or out of the playoffs, but all would be great depth or rotational guys capable of providing solid contributions to the Giants when called upon.

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