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New York Jets 2016 Stats Projection: Matt Forte

Is A Decline Imminent? 

The stigma on running backs older than 30 is blatantly obvious: Many running backs fall off a cliff from a production standpoint on the downside of the big 3-0.

Forte’s numbers last season could indicate a similar decline is looming. Forte rushed for a career-low 898 yards and caught only 44 passes, which is tied for a career-low, in 2015.

Now, it’s important to note that Forte did miss out on three games and likely could have gotten past the 1,000-yard plateau if he stayed healthy. But, Forte’s per game averages also aren’t very encouraging.

Forte’s 69.1 rushing yards per game in 2015 was the fourth-worst average of his career. His second-lowest average came in 2014, when he rushed for only 64.9 yards per game. His 29.9 receiving yards per game was also the fourth-worst average of his career.

Forte averaged 4.91 yards per touch (carries + receptions) in 2015, which was tied for the third-lowest average of his career.

The Jets might not be getting Forte as he’s about to his rock-bottom, but the statistical trends certainly aren’t indicative of an explosive season either.

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