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The Biggest Drains On The New York Rangers’ Salary Cap

6. Ryan McDonagh, Defenseman

The Rangers’ captain and top tier defenseman had a bit of a rough and tumble season, not remaining relatively consistent, thus leading to problems on the Rangers’ blueline.

McDonagh is seventh on the team on the list for biggest cap hitters on the Rangers’ current roster. His hit on the cap is $4.7 million and is locked in until 2018-19. The Blueshirts place a lot on the shoulders of their captain, and he has to remain at the top of his game.

When McDonagh plays good, the Rangers play good as well. His 34 points last year showed that he could potentially be a big threat on offense, but he often forgot to play his main role on defense.

Mac is needed on the blueline, and at the price tag he is at I like where he stands, however he needs to get back to his old style of play, the old Ryan McDonagh we saw during the Cup run a few years ago.

He was nominated for a Norris Trophy three times in his young career; last year was not one of them.

If he can get back to where he was, the money given to him for his contract would be one of the better deals the Rangers have completed.

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