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New York Rangers: The Most Painful Losses Of The Past Decade

4. 2012 Eastern Conference Finals, Game 6

Will someone please tell me what Dan Girardi was doing on this play? Go ahead, try to explain it to me, I’ll wait.

The 2012-11 season was the first time in almost 15 years that the Rangers and their fans had enjoyed a deep playoff run.

There was also that Brad Richards Game 5 goal that he scored with 6.6 seconds left to push the game into overtime. Marc Staal would go on to score the game winner (remember when he did things like that, way back when).

The 2012 playoffs would bring surprises to the Rangers faithful in the form of Chris Kreider, a rookie whose production would prove valuable, especially against the New Jersey Devils.

Ah, the New Jersey Devils.

The two teams would battle in a 1994 Eastern Conference Finals rematch that had the papers screaming “Cold War”.

The Rangers would eventually face elimination in Game 6 of the series, a game that would once again be decided in overtime.

And a very short overtime it was as a scramble in front of Henrik Lundqvist would lead to a Adam Henrique goal.

Not only did the Prudential Center go nuts, but Mike Emrick sounded as if he was once again a New Jersey broadcaster.

Everything about that loss was brutal.

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