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New York Rangers: The Most Painful Losses Of The Past Decade

Jae C. Hong, AP
Jae C. Hong, AP

You know those New York Rangers’ losses that you can’t erase from your memory? Today we’re going to discuss the most painful of the bunch.

New York Rangers fans know the moment well.

The clock ticks down and you watch helplessly as your Blueshirts, who are not winning the game, slowly and painfully approach a certain death.

Sadness, anger, and despair take over your body as 00.00 looms in the near future.

Mike “Doc” Emrick’s voice approaches the higher end of his register, Lundqvist is pulled, and last ditch attempts fail.

And then it happens.

The buzzer sounds and the opponents celebrate. Gloves fly, helmets are thrown, and handshake lines are formed.

And there you are.

You sink into your seat, or perhaps slump over on the floor, and the feel the pain coarse through your body.

Those who don’t know you well enough might ignorantly utter the phrase “Well, they’ll get’em next year”, while the more educated sit silently.

But it’s that tangible pain that stays with you for hours, days, weeks, or in the worst of cases, years.

If New York Rangers fans know anything, it’s the feeling of pain. For as many great memories as the Rangers’ organization has provided their fan base with, the pain is immeasurable.

Today we’re going to talk about some of those moments folks; we’re going to let it all out.

Once it’s over, make sure to drop a line with the most painful Rangers’ moment you have experienced- we want to hear from you.

Bring on the pain.

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