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New York Rangers: The Most Painful Losses Of The Past Decade

5. April 11th, 2010 Shootout Loss To Philadelphia

The New York Rangers had been flirting with playoff success for a few years following the dark ages of Blueshirt history (1998-2004).

The good guys had not only made it to the playoffs four years in a row from 2005-2009 but they even advanced to the second round twice.

New York fans were starting to feel impatient, like an unsatisfied date on prom night.

That 2009-10 season brought with it lofty goals and brand new head coach, John Tortorella.

But fans would quickly learn that the rebuilding process takes time, and the Rangers found themselves battling the Philadelphia Flyers in the final game of the season for a playoff berth.

The game would ultimately be decided in the most dramatic fashion, a shootout, after the game couldn’t be decided through overtime and a 1-1 tie.

With the Flyers up in the shootout, the final attempt would be decided on the blade of former Rangers forward, Olli Jokinen.

The attempt was easily once of the worst shootout attempts Rangers’ fans have witnessed, especially for one that would decided the Rangers’ fate.

It would be Jokinen’s last game in a Rangers’ uniform.

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