New York Jets’ Greatest Strengths & Weaknesses Heading Into OTAs

3rd Greatest Strength: Brandon Marshall

Didn’t we list offensive weapons as a strength already?

Yeah, we did.

Guess what though? Brandon Marshall is such a difference maker that he’s a positive in his own right.

What happens when Brandon Marshall is on the field is incredible. Jets fans couldn’t fathom such a change simply due to the fact they haven’t seen such a difference maker out wide in Jersey since Keyshawn Johnson‘s early years.

What No. 15 does is completely change defensive gameplans. On each play, the question of a double-team or at least defensive shading is an important one.

If the defense looks to be bringing pressure while leaving B-Marsh one-on-one, Ryan Fitzpatrick took advantage. If they gave the look with a safety shaded over-the-top, Fitz had Eric Decker on the brain.

Not only did Marshall remind the world of how dangerous he truly is a year ago, he did with anger. His 109 receptions for 1,502 yards and 14 touchdowns were good enough to earn Marshall his sixth Pro-Bowl nod.

If the Jets have any playoff designs in 2016, at 32-years of age, Marshall cannot slip.