Before we crown the man a late round steal, let’s allow Charone Peake to first prove it on the field for the New York Jets.

By Ryan Hagerty

You’ll be hard pressed to find a seventh round draft pick who has been talked about more than Clemson wide receiver Charone Peake, who was scooped up by the New York Jets on the final day of the draft.

Based solely off size, speed and pure athletic ability, this looks be a real steal.

The Jets clearly need a third receiver and Peake definitely has a chance to fill that role.

At 6’2”, 209 pounds and 4.37 40-yard speed, it’s pretty shocking that Peake fell all the way into the seventh round. The selection was the ultimate low risk, high reward move that fans love to see.

So, kudos to Mike Maccgnan and Todd Bowles for pulling the trigger on a player who has the potential to develop into a star. Getting that potential in the seventh round is certainly somewhat of a win.

But let’s keep in this in mind, Peake fell all the way into the seventh round for a reason.

Yes, expert opinions stated he could be taken as high as the third round…blah blah blah.

Please, don’t get caught up in all of that. The Jets didn’t find a “diamond in the rough.” They found a terrific athlete who is injury prone and seldom saw the field during his days playing for the Tigers.

A pair of knee injuries (including an ACL tear in 2013) combined with playing behind studs such as Sammy Watkins and DeAndre Hopkins, kept Peake from reaching his, well, Peak, in college.


Peake only had one real college season. As a senior he hauled in 50 passes for 716 yards and five touchdowns. Fairly solid stat line, but that production does not match his talent.

Peake has also struggled with drops. He had five for a 9.1 percent rate in his final college season. With the size he possesses, you’d expect Peake to be strong off the line. Just from watching film on him, he doesn’t break press coverage fast. Peake has speed, but struggles on vertical routes.

This isn’t to be a debby downer on the selection. It’s solid value, but I wouldn’t call it a steal. A seventh round pick shouldn’t be overshadowing some of the earlier picks such as Jordan Jenkins and Christian Hackenberg, who are even better value in the spots they were taken.

Could Peake be the gem that everyone is obsessing over. Sure. But there in the bigger picture, this selection should be looked at as a solid flier. Nothing more, nothing less.

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