5. Matt Forte, RB

It’s starting to become a theme. The Jets best players are near or past that magic age of 30.

Newly acquired Matt Forte is no exception.

Pairing Forte with Bilal Powell will do something for this Jets offense they haven’t possessed in a while. It’s called flexibility.

With Chris Ivory in the backfield, defenses could easily key on the run thanks to his inept ability in the passing game. Now, with Forte and Powell interchanging downs, the run or pass will always be a viable option.

Forte’s career speaks for itself. His 8,602 rushing yards and 68 rushing scores coupled with his 487 grabs for 4,116 receiving yards and 19 touchdowns through the air must be respected.

Only time will tell whether 2015 marked the first year of a decline from the two-time Pro-Bowl back.