6. Darrelle Revis, CB

No. Darrelle Revis is no longer the best player in Florham Park. And leave it up to the New York Jets to allow one of the best cornerbacks in NFL history to leave, win a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots, and return when he’s starting to decline.

As many would say: That is so “Jet-like.”

Did he get burned in 2015 more times than any Jets fan is accustomed to? He sure did. At the same, we, along with Todd Bowles, must realize this isn’t the same Revis. This isn’t the guy you can put on an island which automatically eliminates a third of the field thanks to greatness.

Revis is now a guy who must be a part of the gameplan, not a gameplan in itself.

At age 30 he still makes for one hell of a football player.

What’s best is his skillset fits the safety position. He’s tough, can tackle, and has an off-the-charts defensive football IQ. Don’t be surprised if you witness a Charles Woodson-like move to safety if Revis wants to play several more years.