2. Nick Mangold, C

While Calvin Pryor was the most valuable player from a defensive standpoint in 2015, this guy, Nick Mangold, was the offensive choice.

For a franchise who’s been so hard on its luck as it pertains to obtaining a franchise quarterback, Mangold has filled the offensive leadership role for the last decade.

He’s the quarterback of the trenches. He’s the guy who calls out all the offensive line adjustments and who the youngsters look up to.

Sure, at times he’ll head off to Madison Square Garden and get yelled at by security, but that’s just who Nick Mangold is. He’s a fun-loving dude off the football field and a downright scary monster on it.

The only thing scarier is the Jets offense when Mangold is banged up and not in uniform. When that happens, that line becomes a completely different (and way below average) unit.

Mangold is one of the best New York Jets until further notice.