3. Brandon Marshall, WR

If James Carpenter was the most underrated signing of the 2015 offseason, then the trade that sent Brandon Marshall to the Jets was the best move.

B-Marsh didn’t just prove he wasn’t done in the NFL, he proved he still belongs among the NFL elite.

With 109 catches for 1,502 yards and 14 touchdowns, Marshall easily earned his sixth Pro-Bowl nod in 2015.

As crazy as it sounds, though, he’s much more than production from the box score.

What B-Marsh does is completely change gameplans. Whoever the quarterback is immediately has options when scanning the defense pre-snap.

If the defense is heavy towards Marshall, the other one-on-one with Eric Decker or the slot is read No. 1. If the defense plays it straight up, Marshall will win that one-on-one matchup.

What Marshall did for Jets fans in 2015, was show them what a difference maker truly is from an offensive weapon standpoint.