Former New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie made it a dozen kids after he and his wife Terricka welcomed in twins on Mother’s Day.

Remember that August Rex Ryan and the New York Jets were the featured team on HBO’s Hark Knocks?

Obviously, unless you were living in the shadows that August of 2010, you saw, or at least heard about the Antonio Cromartie “kids moment” (video above).

Cro listed each of his kids to the camera, which eventually turned into your viewing pleasure.

Now, six years later, Antonio has made it a dozen.

After he and his wife Terricka welcomed in twins on Mother’s Day, Cromartie can claim he’s a father to 12 children, via Sophie Vokes-Dodgeon of US Weekly.

Cromartie has made it very apparent he isn’t crazy about how many news outlets have looked at his children as “numbers.”

We don’t believe they’re numbers either Cro. Congrats to you and Terricka.

Still, 12 is one hell of an accomplishment. You’ve got to admit that.

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